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Mixing art and design is an art in and of itself, and one that is difficult to pull off. Italian artist and designer Oçilunam founded In-es.artdesign in 2003 to make it happen. His lighting collections radiate pure creativity with an irresistible allure, balancing an interplay of light and shadow with immaculate colour and material contrasts. These illuminating tones have garnered the designer international recognition, highlighting a unique mix of tension and clarity that pulls art and design into a beautifully coherent whole.

The lighting collections Luna, Matt, Trame, Be.pop and Out

The lighting collections balance an interplay of light and shadow, with the use of color and material contrasts. The distinguishing trait of the collections’ lightings, is  the use of the material Nebulite, which is used alone, or in combination with other materials. Nebulite, is a mix of resin and fibers, used in the Collection Luna to mimic the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon’s surface. The Matt Lavagna Collection is characterized by blackboard effect resin, Matt Cemento by concrete effect varnish,  Trame by the use of wool, and Be.pop, the latest collection, by the use of rubber.