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Amazing products for a comfortable home office

Amazing products for a comfortable home office

Posted by It's Thyme on 23rd May 2024

If you work from home, you know how difficult it can be to set up the office of your dreams, sometimes due to lack of space or budget. In this situation, it is very common to end up working at the kitchen table, with a chair that is not suitable for your back, which can cause long-term problems.

The important thing is to have comfortable and stylish furniture. You can start with something very simple: a firm desk, a comfortable chair and a good lamp. In today's blog you will find four ideal products to make your home office much better.


Defined by a clean silhouette, this unique solid oak desk is a unique piece of timeless elegance inspired by the decor in the homes of famous writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the upper right corner of the desk, a small and practical piece of furniture with a roller closure has been placed, hand-mounted on a fabric canvas ("tapparella" in Italian). Primarily crafted through meticulous artisanal processes, this piece will fit effortlessly into a wide variety of contemporary decors.



Cole BRICCOLA-GE Corner Desk 

“The corner is a piece of home mistreated. A dead end with no way out. In every reality in every culture the corner is never dutifully considered”…. So between the serious and the facetious Miki Astori explains the project of Briccolage a two- story practical and poetic work plan or small console where to operate in transitory moments.



Miniforms Mula Office Chair 

Mula is recognised by its large backrest where two interesting wings hug the sides revealing the chair’s dynamic profile. The body’s padding becomes part of the design offering a product made with the utmost care designed to last and to please over time.



G.O Table Lamp by Oluce 

The G.O. table lamp is the revival edition of a model designed for Oluce by Giuseppe Ostuni in the 1960s. Characterized by a vertical shaft from which a horizontal arm branches off and on which the lampshade is mounted. The arm, thanks to the system of joints, is therefore a sliding element that can be repositioned and oriented depending on specific needs.